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Services to the solar industry in South Africa:

Solar collector testing

Evergreen energy solutions are able to evaluate solar system's thermal performance in accordance with SANS 6211. (Q Factor). We own advanced logging equipment used to evaluate solar collector performance, and using this data we can advise on how the product could be improved if needed.

We have many client for which we do testing prior to SABS testing at a fraction of the cost, and this enables us to determine q-factors beforehand, and also identify product improvement before it is tested at SABS. The equipment we use for this is similar to the equipment used by the SABS.

We consult right down to the manufacturing process for both quality and performance improvements in order to enable our clients to provide the best product possible.

The evaluation of solar components and sourcing of suppliers abroad are part of our advisory service.

Solar system design

We have vast experience in design of solar systems and offer turnkey solutions.