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Inverters - (Converting DC to AC) Again when investing in a renewable energy system, quality is of upmost importance. It is also important to note that there are many different types of inverters available, all for different applications. It is important to get an inverter designed for solar when installing a renewable energy system. Some inverters sold for use in a solar system are actually intended for use in a different application - resulting in a system that does not operate as intended. For instance, the no-load current draw is very important when designing a solar system, that is the energy consumed by the inverter itself when operating. Solar designed inverters are designed with a low no-load current draw to ensure the maximum energy is conserved for the designed use, and not consumed by the inverter itself. Another important consideration is to use a pure sine wave inverter - many suppliers sell solar systems with modified sine wave inverters. A modified sine wave inverter has only one advantage - price. All household appliances has been designed to work from pure sine wave, hence a modified sine wave inverter will result in appliances running hotter than usual, in some cases even damage your equipment. Most importantly, any product warranty will be void if powered from a modified sine wave inverter. We reccomend the following inverters, Outback, Victron, SMA, MLT and Meanwell for smaller systems.