Heat Metering Products


Product overview


The constant dialogue with customers and external sources like e.g. metrology - accreditation organizations and system providers is the basis for our know-how. For the development we attach great importance to long-term-stable, precise and reliable products and in addition on flexible communication as the foundation for system integration. 
The Sontex products convince by its clear and technical structure and their installation and service friendliness.


Heizkostenverteiler Heat cost allocator 555 & 556
Kompaktwärmezähler Supercal 539 Compact heat meter Supercal 539
Compact heat meter Supercal 739
Statischer Wärmezähler Superstatic 440 Qn 1 - 1500 Static heat meter
Superstatic 440 Qn 1 - 1500 m³/h
Superstatic 449 Qn 0.6- 2.5 m³/h 
Superstatic 749 Qn 0.6 -2.5 m³/h
Superstatic 789 Qn 1.5 m³/h
Multifunktonales Rechenwerk Supercal 531 Multi functional integrator Supercal 531
Temperaturfühler 460 Temperature sensors 460
Funkkomponenten Remote Radio components
M-Bus Komponenten M-Bus components